Car 1919 feeling the heat Well so to speak anyway, the Jagged X / Polaris Racing team headed to Las Vegas last week with high expectations and lots of positive energy after taking the win at the Parker 250 in January. This Silver State race marked the 22nd BITD race for Jagged X since teaming with Polaris at the beginning of the 2007 race season. Since then the team had racked up a perfect record of 21 finishes - the majority being wins or podium finishes - complete with three class championships. An unprecedented achievement in UTV racing, let alone most other classes of desert racing. Deep down, our entire team knew that eventually fate would deal us our first DNF. We had no idea that our first DNF would be quite so dramatic.

With plenty of time to prepare and ample testing under our belts we headed to Alamo, NV at 4:00 am on Friday morning feeling pretty good about our chances for this race and hoping to add momentum to this young season. Brandon had drawn the 2nd place start position, so the plan was to try for some clean air early and stay ahead of the trucks and buggies all day if possible and hope for a podium finish or even better yet, a win.

The Irritrack had us leading the field coming into pit one so we all gave a thumbs up and headed towards pit 2. About the time we had a visual of the 1919 coming across the valley Chad radioed us and said the car was flat and not running right? (scratch heads) "Okay, get it in here, lets check it out". The motor had a severe stumble and the idle was way off. We are not used to having engine trouble so we started going over each system one by one checking and replacing parts as we managed to burn up nearly two hours. The final determination was that the TPS had failed. We changed the throttle body assembly and problem solved! Hopes of a win were diminished but we were going to finish and so we sent Brandon and Chad off again with fingers crossed.

All reports were that the car was back to 100% and they were trying to make up some valuable time as the trucks and buggies began catching us near pit 3. A splash of fuel at pit 4 and all was still well. Our chase team headed to ward pit 5 still feeling good that we were still possibly in the running. As we waited in Caliente our team moral was up and we were happy to be still running strong. Justin had gone down pit road to help Yancy Reynolds with some minor problems on their Polaris RZR. Then came the "call". It was our co-driver Chad Riccio.
"We’re out of the race, the car's on fire!"
"Excuse me? What do you mean, the car's on fire?", I said!
"It’s burning, BIG flames, BIG BIG flames" was the response, "get someone here quick, we can’t put it out. We're both okay but get someone here fast."
About that time we lost service and were disconnected but I knew this was no joke. Several minutes later I received a pix message on my phone confirming that our teams flagship race car had flames shooting ten feet in the air.

Car 1919 is no more. I had already initiated contact with BITD on the radio and within minutes their amazing staff had their main man Donald on site. I must commend BITD for their amazing performance handling the emergency. Donald was able to pull the car off the course and bring our drivers back to the highway where we were instructed to meet them. KUDOS to BITD truly proving once again that they are "The Best in The Desert".

We really have no idea what caused the fire and never will. Unfortunatly the race car is a total loss. The pictures really don’t even do justice for the incredible damage fire causes. The most important thing to mention is, thank god that our drivers (my son and my friend) were not injured. Clearly this is the worst day of racing we have ever had. We are working on devising a plan to get a new racer on the fast track and we plan to show up at the Bluewater Grand Prix ready to start over and get back to racing.

We want to thank all of our friends, suppliers and sponsors who have pledged their support and for all of their kind words and gestures. It means so much to have a great team behind you. The 1919 team will be back!


Polaris releases the RZR 4

Jagged X Wins Third Consecutive BITD Championship

2009 1900 Class BITD champions With only a 24 points separating the top three UTV teams heading into last weekends BITD Henderson Fabtech Desert Classic the Jagged X / Polaris Racing team had little room for error. When the dust cleared, this weeks second place finish was enough to secure the Jaggged X team the 1900 class championship for the third time in as many years. The Fabtech Classic was another great event thanks to the hard work and dedication of Casey Folks and the BITD crew, Jagged X would like to thank BITD for the opportunity to race with such a fantastic organization.

This has been a very exciting season for us and for the entire UTV class. The points chase has been anyone's guess all year long. After a strong start with our win in Parker we followed up with two less than stellar performances at Primm and the Bluewater GP. Then we took a little trip from Vegas To Reno and began to turn things around with a win there and another win at the Silver State 300. The goal for consistency helped us to turn in second place finishes at the Primm GP and again at the latest Fabtech Classic. Overall this has been a great season for Jagged X and Polaris Racing. We are looking forward to next season which begins in just a few short weeks back in Parker AZ.

Jagged X owes our success to the many who have helped us with our racing efforts. First and foremost we have to thank Polaris Industries. Polaris continues to lead the industry with unparalleled innovation and performance. We are truly fortunate to have had the opportunity to partner with this fine company. We are happy to announce that we will again be representing Polaris Racing for the 2010 season. Thank you Polaris.

Thank you to our team members. Chad Riccio, Mike West and Blake Van De Loo. Thank you for your time, your skills, your enthusiasm, and all of your support, we would not have a team without you.

Of course we must thank the great vendors whose products and support make our race car the very best it can be. Thank you for your continuing support.

CR Designs- Show quality off road paint jobs
Elka Suspension- The Best shocks, period!
S & S off road- great performance engine products
OMF Performance- The best off road beadlocks
Simpson Products- always keeping our drivers safe
Vision X off road- The best off road lighting systems
Affordable powder coat- Quality coatings always on time
Tire Balls- No flats = racing success
ATL fuel systems- The best off road fuel cells
Trophy Engineering- Thanks for all you help
Robby Gordon Off road- Inovative good looking products
MTA West- Great support on many levels

Thank you to all who support the UTV racing community. We are looking forward to another exciting season next year.

Jagged X heads to Mesquite, Nevada and brings home a win!

2009 Silver State 300 winners Sept 26, 2009
Mesquite Nevada was home this weekend to the BITD Bilek Racing Silver State 300 off road race. This race marked the fifth race for the UTV's 2009 seven race championship series. Just a few short weeks after the monumental Vegas to Reno 1000 mile race the Jagged X / Polaris Racing Team had to do battle once again and take on another 321 miles of Nevada desert. The weather was a very pleasant 65 degrees at the starting line Saturday where there was a surprising field of 10 utvs representing 4 manufacturers in attendance.

Our 1919 RZR S pulled the number 4 starting position right behind the Bi-Polar Racing Arctic Cat 1000. The Jagged X RZR was piloted by Brandon Schueler with navigator Mike West in the right seat. This race was an incredibly flawless race for the Polaris Racing team, running the entire race with the only stops being scheduled fuel pits. By the first pit we were running in the 2nd position with the 1947 leader in sight. Coming into the 4th pit area Brandon was able to get by the Cat to take the lead and hold it for the remaining 160 miles. In the end our 1919 Polaris RZR S was able to cross the finish line a couple minutes ahead of the second place finisher.

This years competition in the pro UTV class is by far the best it has ever been. Only a few points separated the top three teams coming into this race. With two races left in the season we plan to stay on top of our game and race hard to the end. The next BITD race is only three weeks away on October 17th in Primm, NV. Stay tuned to see how this exciting season turns out.

If you want information about getting involved in UTV racing contact us at info@jaggedx.com

Jagged X and Polaris Racing wins the BITD V2R for the third straight year

2009 Vegas to Reno winners August 20th, Beatty Nevada
The temperature? 114 degrees. Perfect conditions to start the longest off road race in the United States. Best in The Desert's "Vegas To Reno, The long way". Jagged X and crew loaded the wagons and headed to Nevada to take on this monumental task last week. Our eight man team was prepared to do battle with all other UTV competitors and the brutal Nevada desert. This years V2R was an epic race consisting of three full days of racing zigging and zagging it's way across the entire state to cover 1000 total miles and end up just outside of Reno. Nine UTV's accepted the challenge this year and when the dust cleared four of them were able to take finishing honors. The finishers were a mixed bag with two Polaris RZR's, one Kawasaki Teryx and one Arctic Cat Prowler 1000. This years event allowed for one DNF day to allow teams with major problems an opportunity to take a time penalty, repair their racecar and still finish the race. Our Polaris RZR was fortunate enough to finish all three days without using our DNF option.

The Polaris Racing 1919 car began the first day in the fourth position but was able to cross the finish line first each day. This race was a true test for every team, testing the drivers, the race cars, and the entire support crews. To put this race into perspective think about hopping in your RZR here in Phoenix and driving it to Dallas, Texas or Denver, Colorado. But with no paved roads. Each days racing covered more than 300 miles, and at the end each team was provided one hour to fully prepare for the next days racing. Most teams will spend several weeks prepping their race car for one 300 mile race - let alone three in a row. What an accomplishment to finish this race. BITD decided to add another element to this race by letting the UTV's start in the Motorcycle Quad group ahead of all the trucks and buggies. This was a first for the UTV class and it proved to be an interesting element indeed. This required even better communications on the part of all racers. Knowing that there were nearly 100 faster race cars chasing you across the state of Nevada added a great deal of suspense to this race. On the third day the Jagged X race team was actually able to stay ahead of the lead trophy truck and cross the finish line without ever being passed. In the end the Jagged X RZR not only won the UTV class but also had a better elapsed time than numerous other classes including the entire Jeepspeed class and the 4400 Ultra 4 class as well. This win will move the 1919 into the lead points position with three races remaining and heading into the 300 mile Bilek Racing Silver State race later this month in Mesquite NV.

Thank you for supporting the sport of off road racing. Jagged X would like to thank the entire BITD organization for putting together such a spectacular event and we hope to do it again in the future.

The Jagged X race team could not do what we do without the help of many people.
First off, thank you to Polaris Industries for all your support and for building the hardest working smoothest riding, hardest racing Side By Sides in the world. Thank you to our great crew, our drivers, our family and friends who support our racing affliction. Thank you to our product sponsors who's products make our race team the best it can be.
Elka suspension- Your dedication to giving us the best suspension for every racing condition.
S&S Off Road- Your products performed flawlessly for this grueling race
OMF Performance- Still the best off road bead locks period!
Tireballs- Zero flats = desert racing success
Simpson- thank you for keeping our drivers safe
Robby Gordon Off Road- Thank you for high quality innovative products.
CR Designs- As always making our car look like a show car at every event, thank you Chad
MTA West- helping us with our tire needs
Vision X off road- The best off road lighting and thank you for promoting the sport of off road racing like you do.
Fullbore Innovations- Awesome functional styling
ATL fuel systems- providing a safe efficient fuel system
Affordable Powder coating- The highest quality, always on time
Trophy engineering- thank you for all your support in this build

Special thanks to Mountain States Contracting and the Van de Loo family for everything you do for us.

Check out the Gallery of images from the race here!
See you all in Mesquite

Jagged X unleashes a Monster Rock Crawler RZR

Rock Crawling RZR At jagged we are always stretching our imaginations to push the outer limits of the UTV envelope so we were very excited to jump into our latest creation. Introducing "Project X", our monster rock crawler Polaris RZR. Very recently we were contacted by our friends at Polaris who introduced us to the producers of a new television series featured on the Outdoor Channel. The new show titled "Destination Polaris" will be a 13 week series that highlights Polaris products and features segments promoting responsible OHV and land use. The show will travel around the world to experience some of the coolest riding spots and will feature some of the hottest vehicles from Polaris. The show promoters also wanted to show the audience just how far you can go with a Polaris vehicle. They challenged the Crew at JaggedX to build the ultimate hard core RZR. Tune in to watch us take a mild mannered stock RZR and turn it into a monster of an off road machine.

You can see some more pictures of the build here in our gallery

We would like to thank all the vendors who came on board to help create this beast. Elka Suspension, ITP Tires & Wheels, Gorilla Axle, Uni-Steer electric assist steering, HMF Performance, Warn industries, Renegade Suspension seats, Fullbore Innovations, Trophy Engineering Suspension, Simpson safety equipment, Vision X Off road lighting, CR Designs Off Road Custom paint, ATL racing fuel cells, Monster Energy and of course Polaris industries for all their help.

Check back for more details on this unique build or contact us if you would like us to build one for you.

Don't forget to tune in to the Outdoor Channel Monday evenings at 9:30 EST for "Destination Polaris".

Polaris Introduces the Mini RZR

Tricked-out RZR 170 Check out the latest groundbreaking release from off road industry leader Polaris Industries. This is the 2009 RZR 170. Now the kids have one "just like Dad's". The new 170 is styled just like the RZR but in pint size. The mini has all the cool stuff like adjustable seat sliders, head and tail lights, T-handle grab bar for the passenger, a parking brake and even safety netting. Now the kids can hit the trails or the dunes with mom and dad in their own capable and dependable side by side. The mini also features independent front a-arms with coil over shocks and a chain driven fully suspended rear suspension that offers great stability.

We got our hands on this one and have already explored the many customizing possibilities. Jagged X currently has a complete line of custom accessories for the new mini which includes this cool full cage with integrated wrap around rear bumper. We also have front bumpers, nerf bars, 4 or 5 point safety harness kits, paddle tires, billet accessories and more. Of course no Jagged X custom is complete without a trick paint job by CR designs.

The RZR 170 is just the beginning of a whole new segment in off road excitement. Let us help create a custom machine for your young off roaders.

Jagged X / Polaris Racing starts 2009 season with a win!

First in the Parker 250 Saturday January 10 marked the first race for the BITD 2009 season. The Jagged X crew arrived with hopes of starting this season where they left off last year. The 2008 series brought Jagged X and Polaris an impressive 5 wins to secure their second BITD championship. There were 11 competitors staged to take on the rough Arizona landscape that makes up the Parker 250. This race course is always a challenge and this year was nothing new. Recent rains did provide a little less dust but the whoops and wash outs were all still in tact. New co-driver Chad Riccio said "that was waaay rougher than I thought it would be".

The 1919 Polaris RZR was at a disadvantage starting in 8th position. At the Midway pit Brandon had worked up to the 5th spot and was chasing some very fast cars including another RZR and the always competitive Cory Sappington's Rhino. After a full lap of racing our RZR had settled into 3rd position and was running a good pace. With only about 40 miles left in the race the Jagged X car was able to get out in front and breath some clean air to the finish.

This race was planned to be the last event for the "First ever desert race RZR" - the Jagged X crew is in the process of building a new race car for the BITD series and hope to debut their new ride at the Terribles race in April. Check the website for some sneak peeks in the next couple months.

Jagged X will be competing in the King of The Hammers Side X Side Super Jam on February 25 and will also be competing in the King of The Hammers LCQ event on February 26 with their full size rock buggy as well.

See you at the races!

Jagged X wins 2008 BITD championship

Henderson Fabtech Desert Classic 2008 action shot The Jagged X / Polaris Racing team finished the BITD 2008 season in fine fashion with another win at the Henderson Fabtech Desert Classic last weekend in Henderson, Nevada. This win marks our 5th consecutive first place finish this season and the second consecutive championship for Jagged X.
The BITD UTV championship consists of 7 races in various venues spanning the brutal Arizona and Nevada desert terrain. All the other classes in BITD race a 5 race series. The 1919 Polaris RZR also achieved a milestone this season by being the first UTV to ever complete every race mile in a season, logging almost 1600 miles in total.
The Polaris RZR proves over and over that it is the best platform for a desert racing UTV ever. Jagged X must thank all of our great sponsors and suppliers who have helped to build our team and make our success possible.

Polaris Industries - For all of their support and for building the Hardest Working, Hardest Racing UTVs
Polaris Lubricants - For keeping our machines in peak condition.
CR Designs - Making our race car look like a show car with their awesome custom paint.
Vision X - The very best off road lighting systems.
OMF Performance - The toughest UTV wheels ever.
Robby Gordon Racing - For helping with our support truck
Affordable Powder Coating - for all your continued support

Special Thanks to Mountain States Contracting and the Van de loo family for helping, driving, wrenching, and everything else! You guys are the best!

We are looking forward to the 2009 season and hope to see the sport of UTV racing continue to grow.

Jagged X Wins BITD Bilek Silver State 300

Bilek Silver State 300 winners for 2008 The Jagged X / Polaris Racing number 1919 team was able to pull off another win this weekend at the Bilek Silver State 300 in Mesquite, Nevada. Jagged X started 2nd with a smaller than usual UTV field of only 5 vehicles. With the season winding down and only one month to recover from the grueling Vegas To Reno race many of the teams not in the points chase were not represented at this race. This Mesquite, Nevada venue was billed as a new race course but our drivers soon discovered that Casey from BITD still had plenty of tricks up his sleeve. "The most silt ever" said co driver Blake Van de Loo. But the course was loaded with a huge variety of terrain from 7000 ft pine forest to a trip through the old mining town of Caliente, Nevada and even some pretty deep water crossings thrown in to balance it all out. The Jagged X RZR moved into the lead shortly after the start when the lead car encountered engine trouble. Just over nine hours later Brandon and Blake crossed the finish unchallenged to score their third season victory and to further secure the lead spot in the 2008 BITD points chase.

Bilek Silver State 300 winners for 2008
The next BITD race is the Golden West 150 (formerly the AVI 150) in Jean, Nevada on October 25. This is a Quad, UTV and trophy lite only race and promises to be an exciting event.

Two in a row for Jagged X at Vegas to Reno

Vegas to Reno winners for 2008 The Jagged X / Polaris Racing #1919 RZR out lasted a field of 14 pro UTV's to take their second consecutive win at the grueling Vegas To Reno BITD race this past weekend. Jagged X started 2nd in the class and had taken a lead before pit one. The one word to describe the race course was SILT, and lots of it.

Every team in this race fought this battle and several teams were taken out by it's effects. Several motors ingested enough of this powder to kill them dead. The Jagged X RZR had a couple major battles with hidden obstacles in this sea of poof dirt, but between Brandon and co driver Blake they were able to get the vehicle into the pits where the rest of the crew took over and put the boys back on the track. We battled the course all night long to finally finish in just over 17 hours. All in all we had a great race and we especially want to thank Polaris Industries for their incredible support.

Our new chase truck was a great asset and made the entire team much more efficient. Thanks to the whole Jagged crew for busting their butts to get it ready for this race. Check the gallery under Custom Vehicles for a closer look at this truck.

Thanks again to all who help with our race program and we will see you all at the Bilek Silver State 300

Check out the all new 2009 Polaris Ranger!

New 2009 Polaris Ranger XP with long travel suspension As an aftermarket development partner for Polaris Industries we were very excited when they asked us if we could build a custom version of the brand new 2009 Ranger XP. Of course we agreed, and what you see is the result of several weeks of intense thrashing.

The new Ranger now offers A-arm suspension at all four corners. With this platform it makes long travel suspension a feasible task. For our project we decided to create a +5 inch A-arm system and equipped it with Elite series fully adjustable Elka shocks. We also swept the front forward 1.5 inches to allow more clearance for the 27" Maxxis Bighorn tires riding on OMF billet center three piece beadlock wheels. The Jagged Crew created a new all custom 8 point cage that ties into the bed but still allows for tilt access. We also created some handy new Lock & Ride racking components. We will be building lot's of new stuff for this new vehicle so be sure to check back often.

Our good friend Chad at CR Designs worked his magic and created a super cool race team inspired paint job. We added a bunch of billet goodies which we currently have in stock for this new vehicle. The finished product is a tough looking beast of a utility vehicle that will turn heads at the dunes and get the job done in comfort. If you are interested in having us create a custom Ranger, RZR, or any other side by side contact us at info@jaggedx.com or call us at 1-877-JAGGEDX.

We will have a four seat family version available very soon and will be taking orders for our +5 suspension as well.

Check the gallery for more pics of this Ranger

Blue Water Grand Prix

2008 Blue Water Grand Prix The Jagged X crew once again loaded up and headed to the desert to do battle in the 2008 Best In the Desert series "Blue Water Grand Prix". This race is restricted to the Motorcycle Quad and UTV classes but this year the C-1 lites and the Trophy Lites were added to the bill to make this event even more exciting. This race has a great venue set right along the beautiful Colorado River. The river was a nice little gift as the Saturday afternoon temperatures crept up to around 105 degrees. The event is divided up into several different grand prix style races ranging from 3 laps for the open unclassified morning races to 8 laps for the actual point races. The UTV race was scheduled for 2:15 pm but the races all were running behind and we did not get off the line until after 4 o'clock. The C-1 lites were off first followed by the Trophy Lites and finally the UTV's

The course was an 11 mile loop scheduled for 8 laps. The Jagged X / Polaris Racing RZR left the line strong falling into third position after the awesome landrush start. By the time the crew reached the pit area the word was that Brandon and Blake had found their way to the front position and all was well. The Polaris RZR held off the re rest of the field to gain Jagged X and Polaris Racing their first 2008 BITD win.

There was some speculation about racing on a very tight course with 15 other UTV's and a dozen or more Trophy Lite and C-1 buggies. The results were outstanding, all the vehicles raced professionally and there were no incidents.

This win helps secure BITD season championship points lead for Jagged X and Polaris Racing going into the famed Vegas to Reno race to be held August 21-23. Jagged X would like to thank all of their crew, The Van De Loo family, the Carter family and our sponsors for helping our team strive to be "The Best In The Desert"

Thanks go out to: Polaris Racing, Mountain States Contracting, CR Designs, Vision X Off Road Lighting ,OMF Wheels, Affordable Powdercoat, Pure Polaris Lubricants, Jet Trim Seats, Fullbore Innovations, Elka Suspension and Gorilla Axle.

2008 Blue Water Grand Prix Check back soon for new galleries and watch as we prepare for V2R.

ASA Open Board Meeting news

The ASA land use information meeting was held at the Jagged X shop on Saturday March 29 and it was a huge success.

Several hundred off road enthusiasts crowded the parking lot to feast on some great grub provided by BS Sand Seats and were treated to a fair amount of bling in the Show and Shine contest. There were over 30 entries ranging from a custom vintage ATC 70 up to an outrageous full blown trophy truck pre-runner owned by champion off road racer Bob Shepard.

The whole event was focused on an informative question and answer session with speakers from nemerous land use and regulatory agencies including the BLM and Imperial County Sheriff's Office. Many land usage and legality issues were touched on and all the agencies for the most part had clear and concise answers to the questions. The Q & A session was recorded and will be available to view on the ASA website within the next couple weeks. If you were not at the meeting please take the time to look at this very important land use information. It may very well affect YOU and where and how you ride.

View the gallery of images from the day by clicking here.

The event concluded with the presentation of a $12,000 check from Jagged X to the ASA from the 2008 jagged Crash proceeds. Bill Schueler hands over $12,000 check

ASA Arizona Open Board Meeting

ASA Meeting at JaggedX

2008 Crash is DONE!

2008 Crash aerial photo This year's Jagged Crash is over and what a great event it turned out to be. We don't have any final totals but we know the turn out was bigger than last year.Huge thanks go out to all our friends and supporters who helped the Jagged crew pull off another killer event.

Congratulations to Erin Searles from Sun City AZ who was the lucky winner of the 2008 Polaris RZR. Erin insisted that it was her "lucky dance" that made her the winner. She says she will keep the RZR forever and eventually give it to her kids some day.

Tons of other lucky winners made off with over $40,000 worth of great prizes in the general raffle thanks to all of our generous vendors who time and time again come to the calling and step up huge.

We again managed to feed the masses with another 500 lbs of great carne and pollo asada with all the trimmings.

Special thanks to Todd Taylor and Jokers Wild promotions for providing the PA and sound systems for the whole weekend. Thanks to all our friends who helped with the raffle and the cooks and servers as well. It's a great feeling to know you have good friends like this.

And lastly thank you to all the enthusiasts who came to the event. This thing is for you guys and we hope that by pulling together we can all make a difference to help preserve the sport we all love so much.

Again, Thank you Everyone!


The 2007 BITD racing season has come to an end with last weekends final race in Henderson Nevada. The Jagged X Factory Polaris RZR had the pole position and never looked back, crossing the finish line nearly 15 minutes ahead of the second place UTV. This was the third first place finish for the Polaris sponsored team consisting of Brandon Schueler, Blake Van de Loo, Justin Schueler and Bill Schueler. After moving to a new Polaris RZR early in the season the team has finished every mile of every race including the brutal 600 miles of the famous Vegas To Reno race. A great race car and a great team helped to make the factory Polaris / Jagged X #1919 RZR the BITD 2007 1900 UTV class champions.

Jagged X sends out many thanks to the folks who helped them through the season. Special thanks to the fine crew at Polaris Industries for all the great technical support. It is truly a pleasure to work with a company that really believes in their product and are committed to it 110%.

We also want to thank all our great vendors who supported our racing efforts.
And of course we can't leave out our Jagged X crew who work day and night to give us the best race car possible. It is a team effort and we think we have the best team around.

Look for the Jagged X Crew at the Arizona Sand Expo this weekend at the Arizona State Fairgrounds December 7, 8 and 9.

Jagged X Wins BITD Vegas To Reno

Polaris RZR wins Vegas to Reno The Jagged X number 1919 Polaris RZR went the entire distance to be the first and the only UTV to complete the course. The Jagged X crew would like to thank everyone who helped with the race.
Special thanks to :
Polaris RZR Racing, Cart Wheelin magazine, CR Designs and Mountain States Contracting.

Jagged X finishes Terrible's Town 250 with the first ever desert race Polaris RZR

The Jagged crew worked day and night with only three weeks to put together the first race RZR. The car was completed on Thursday afternoon before the TT250. With zero testing under our belt we were happy as we could be to cross the finish line in 10 hours and 12 minutes, only five minutes behind the Third place finisher. The racecar's drivetrain and suspension was virtually stock with only some structural reinforcements to the a-arms and bash points. Anyone who has followed the history of UTV's in desert racing knows what a feat it is to complete any race not to mention the brutal Terrible's Town 250. The car had a few minor problems that cost the team some time mostly due to the lack of testing but thanks to our awesome pit crew it was not enough to keep the new RZR from finishing well under the course cutoff time.

We want to thank the fine folks at Polaris industries for being the first major manufacturer to support our sport.

Special thanks go out to Blake, Monica and Mountain States Contracting for all your help and generosity. We would not have gotten to the start with out your help. Also to CR Designs for making our stuff car show cool every time, and doing it the day after your wedding. Chad, you're the best!
Thanks to our sponsors who came through to help with this project. Jet Trim seats, OMF Performance, Gieser Brothers, Vision X Off Road Lighting, I-Shock, Tire Balls, Fullbore Innovations and of course the great guys from Cart Wheelin' magazine who tracked our progress all day long.

Look for the Jagged X / Polaris RZR Racing team at the BITD Blue Water Gran Prix May 18,19,20 in Parker AZ.

Jagged X presents $10,000 to American Sand Association

Jagged Presents check to ASA
This week Jagged X presented ASA board member Bob Mason with a donation of $10,000. This years annual Rhino Crash completely eclipsed the $4,000 raised during last years event and will go to help the ASA continue it's battle to preserve our riding privileges. Another $1,000 goes to the UDG to promote awareness among the duning community.

Jagged X hopes that everyone who attended had a great time and we hope to make next years event even bigger and better!

Again, thanks to all of our supporters, vendors and friends who helped out: CR Designs, Cart Wheelin Mag, Black Rhino Performance, So Cal Fab, Elka Shocka, Gorilla Axle, OMF performance, Billet Equipped, Autotude, Machine Trix, Todd’s Custom Billet, Vision X, MTA, Cutting Edge MFG, Salem Performance Diesel, Affordable Powdercoat, Baja Designs, DJ safety, Renegade Seats, LTE exhaust, Lone Star Racing, Dragon Fire Racing, Fullbore Inovations, Gear One, I Shock, Jet Trim, Marine Screens, Micro Touch, PDM Mfg, Premiere UV, Rhino Craft, VIP Rhino, Rhino Mafia, Dri Wash, SSR Industries, B&A Motorsports, Desert Toyz ATV and Mointain States Contracting.
Also special thanks to some very special people: Terry & Linda, The Carter Family, Lindsey, Emily, JP, Chad, Stacey, Brian Hart, Blake, Monica, Craig, Todd Taylor and Chicken Bob and Kathy. Without all of your help we could not have pulled it off.

Jagged X goes hard-core duning with a RZR!

This week, the Jagged crew was invited to accompany some of the folks at Polaris Industries in Glamis, California to conduct some exclusive real world testing. We have posted some pictures from our trip and let me tell you...this new machine is everything we hoped for and more. Many of the magazines have published their first ride articles and so far no one has anything bad to say about this vehicle. Having the opportunity to actually dune these machines in a real world atmosphere was a treat indeed.

Our group consisted of four RZR’s and six drivers. We were able to accumulate over 1000 total miles on these new dune slayers over a period of two and a half days. During this time we experienced ZERO problems with the new RZR’s. They performed flawlessly. This was not a guided test track this was full out duning. There is no question that this is the best performing side by side the industry has ever seen. Jagged X will be busy in the weeks to come, working on lots of new innovations for the RZR.

Check our website often as we will be posting pictures as we can.

Rhino Crash 2007 sets the bar high!!!

Well, the dust has settled and the Jagged crew has settled back into our regular routine (which is not so regular). We are sorry that the full report has been so long in coming.

The Jagged X Rhino Crash 2007 is over and it was a huge success! For those who made it, you know how cool it was and for those who didn't, your loss, see you next year.
This years event over-shadowed the first Crash by bringing close to 400 Rhinos, Rangers and Prowlers together for what has to be the largest side by side gathering to date. Friends, customers and enthusiasts from all over Arizona, California and further were all in attendance. Many first time dune visitors had the opportunity to share our playground.

All the final numbers are pretty astounding. Our most sincere thanks go out to all the great folks who helped pull this thing off.
The food was a big hit. Our carnivorous crowd managed to devour 500 pounds of Carne asada and Pollo asada, with all the trimmings, 125lbs of cheese, 50lbs onions and tomatoes and some awesome pico de gallo thanks to our buddy Chicken Bob (sorry Joe Fab but I think we got ya on this one)
We topped it off with some freshly made cinnamon Churros.

Yeah, the food was great but the real draw was the Raffle.
All in all our generous vendors and suppliers donated prizes with a total retail value of over $42,000 made up of more than 200 individual items. These items included a complete long travel suspension kit from So Cal Fab, Gorilla Axles and Elka Suspension.
The pile of prizes went on and on with a boatload of billet bling and tons of performance items.
The list is too enormous to list.

Because of the incredible generosity of all our supporters we are proud to be able to present a total of $11,000 to the ASA and The UDG. These organizations are critical to the survival of our sport. Without their hard work and dedication our off road opportunities are in jeopardy.

Again we wish to thank each and every person and company who helped to make this event possible.

We're not sure how to top this but we will be working on it, I promise you.

Click image below for more photos from the day.

Send your photos to info@jaggedx.com

Jagged X to partner with Polaris Industries

Polaris RZR Well it's not just a rumor anymore! Polaris industries has officially announced the release of the Ranger RZR. In addition Polaris has named Jagged X as an aftermarket development partner.

This exciting new vehicle sports a twin cylinder fuel injected 800cc engine mounted behind the seating area, dual A-arm suspension front and rear with the most wheel travel in it's class. Other innovative features include tilt steering, super comfortable seats, integrated leg and shoulder restraints and a "park" position in the transmission.
While the RZR is nearly 5 inches narrower than a Yamaha Rhino it also has 2 inches more wheelbase, is 100 pounds lighter and has a seat height that is 7 inches lower.

We were invited to take an exclusive test ride in this incredible machine and we were astonished at the RZR'S overall comfort and incredible performance.
Let us just say that this side by side flat out rips! No other UTV even comes close in the power department. The horsepower to weight ratio is estimated to be 50% greater than that of the Rhino. We could go on and on but will just say that this vehicle is going to change the side by side market for the future.

Look for the RZR to be available at Polaris dealers around June. Jagged X will be hard at work developing lots of great accessories for the RZR and we will post news about this vehicle when we have it. Look for the RZR to be displayed at various events between now and June.
You may even catch a glimpse of an RZR at the Glamis sand Dunes.

If you want more info about the Ranger RZR call us or E-mail to info@jaggedx.com

Jagged X and Polaris Align to Develop Accessories for New RANGER RZR

Minneapolis, Jan 24, 2007 - Jagged X today announced the company is collaborating with Polaris to create a line of aftermarket parts and accessories for the newly-announced 2008 RANGER RZR.

As part of the agreement, Polaris is providing Jagged X with RANGER RZR units months before the side-by-side is available at dealers so Jagged X can develop products that cater to their specific markets. The agreement will ensure a wide variety of accessories and add-ons are available when RANGER RZR hits dealership floors in late spring.

Jagged X feels that this exciting new vehicle will shape the entire side by side industry and create a whole new sport segment which will grow for years to come. As a pioneer in the UTV industry, Jagged X is committed to offering many innovative new part and accessories for customers who wish to personalize and improve on this already amazing off road vehicle. You can expect to see enhancements for performance, appearance, and utility in addition to the "bling" factor that our customers have come to expect.

RANGER RZR is the first trail capable, side-by-side vehicle that screams down the trails as the fastest accelerating and lightest side-by-side; navigates through tight, twisty terrain with ease; and tackles mud, rocks and anything else nature throws its way for the ultimate off-road experience. The versatility of RANGER RZR is attractive to the aftermarket community who can further enhance the vehicle for to meet the needs of their consumers.

About Polaris

With annual 2005 sales of $1.9 billion, Polaris designs, engineers, manufactures and markets snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), Victory motorcycles and the Polaris RANGER for recreational and utility use.

Polaris is a recognized leader in the snowmobile industry; and one of the largest manufacturers of ATVs in the world. Victory motorcycles, established in 1998 and representing the first all-new American-made motorcycle from a major company in nearly 60 years, are rapidly making impressive in-roads into the motorcycle cruiser marketplace. Polaris also enhances the riding experience with a complete line of Pure Polaris apparel, accessories and parts, available at Polaris dealerships. Polaris Industries Inc. trades on the New York Stock Exchange and Pacific Stock Exchange under the symbol "PII," and the Company is included in the S&P Small-Cap 600 stock price index.

Information about the complete line of Polaris products, apparel and vehicle accessories is available from authorized Polaris dealers or anytime from the Polaris homepage at www.polarisindustries.com.